Monday, October 31, 2005

Numbers Game

Here are two interesting numbers: 139 and 133. Those are the total number of points scored by Rice and SMU. But here is the rub. Rice has scored 139 and SMU has scored 133. Rice scored those points in seven games (averaging 19.8 per game); SMU in eight (averaging 16.6 per game).

Here is two more interesting numbers: 35 and 28. 35 is the fewest points Rice has allowed this season; 28 is the most points SMU has scored all season. Word to the wise, all but one of Rice's opponents are in the top 50 in offense; the exception is ECU, which beat SMU 17-24. Scoring defense: SMU-77th; Rice-117th (dead last). Scoring offense: SMU-107th; Rice 87th.

Rice has scored 19 or more points on five occasions (out of seven); SMU has done that just three times (out of eight). The fewest points scored by Rice in a contest is nine points; The fewest points scored by SMU is eight points.

In its seven losses, Rice only lost by a touchdown or less once (last week against UTEP). In four of its six losses, SMU lost by a touchdown or less four times.

What does it all mean? Well, I think there is one thing you can deduce from all of this. SMU is the worst team Rice will face all year. SMU by far is the worst offense a bad Rice defense will face. Rice has moved the ball on better defenses as well. Still, SMU should win this game if only because SMU should be a better football team.

I am beginning to think this may be a high scoring affair for both teams. The thing you have to be concerned with is the Rice running game wearing down an SMU defense without a lot of depth and has worn down at the end of games.


Anonymous said...

Question: Is Burns out after this season? Has anyone heard?

SMU Football Blog said...

At this point, you are not getting rid of Burns without getting rid of Bennett. The chaos of a third offensive system under one head coach would seem too much to bear.

ponygirl08 said...

Knowing quite a few football players I can tell you that none of them are too excited, or think they are going to win this game. I've got the faith...but when they football team doesn't, that isn't a good sign.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bennett should probably get one more year. However, if he hopes to have long-term success, he needs to get a different offensive system. Last year, under the right system, Kincade could have been a workhorse. Ultimately, they need a another reruit like McCown.