Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All's Quiet on the SMU front.

There is very little news about SMU this week. Most likely, it is because Watkins is covering C-USA media day for the DMN.

The two football notes in today's DMN are irrelevant, except to note that SMU has the best 3rd down defense but curiously has given up more first downs than other school. I guess that says SMU's defense does well in short yardage but gives up big chunks of yardage on first and second down.

I spent a little time today reviewing the Rice board. Frankly, they say a lot of the same things the SMU fans are saying. That, in and of itself, is embarrassing.

Here's a note next to Rice's name on The Bottom Ten: ""Tomorrow Never Dies": SMU is still on the schedule (Nov. 5 in Dallas), so the Owls have hope for a win this season."

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