Monday, October 17, 2005

Message Board Down (again)

I always laugh when the message board goes down. For years, was known as the "sunshiner" board, where everything was sunny, with rainbows and kittens in SMU land. But with the demise of the board years ago, is all there is. I have this vision of some really terrible, outrageous post going up on and the administrators yanking the plug out of the server so nobody reads it. I know that isn't what actually happens, but the visual still brings a smile to my face.


SmooPower said...

Alas, we are merely having problems with our host and the database behind the message board. Seems to be back up now - if the plug comes loose again, we might try duct tape.

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMM. Folks started talking athletic budget and the board went down again. HMMMMMMMM!!!