Friday, October 14, 2005

Pirates are in Town

Don't really have that much to add, other than SMU is favored over ECU and that scares the crap out of me. Statistically, ECU is a better team (look it up). They pass better; they even run the ball better. I can't gauge where they are defensively. The only things that lead anyone to think SMU wins this thing are: (i) the game is at SMU; and (ii) SMU wins are more impressive than ECU's.

Turnovers are the key. Can SMU's defense force turnovers, specifically interceptions. Can the line put enough pressure on the QB to force bad throws? Can SMU's secondary get good coverage?

ECU isn't the biggest team SMU has faced this year. Average to below-average size across the board. Smaller than Baylor, UAB, TCU and A&M. Receivers are smaller; linemen are smaller. I like that for SMU. Maybe SMU can get a push on the line and get the running game going.

When I predict SMU to get blown out, SMU wins. So I predict ECU wins 44 to nothing.

One last ECU chick:

Forgot to mention that Rich adn Craig won Homer Call of the Week for the THIRD TIME in six weeks. They won for the win over TCU, the Chase touchdown against A&M and the UAB final play.

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