Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Phillips Solid No. 2; Willis Keeps Redshirt On

Today's DMN indicates that Willis won't play this year. Thank goodness. Playing Willis at this point would be stupid. Now, the question is whether Phillips will get a chance to play these last three games. I think he should; I doubt he does.

Backup DE Kyle Griffin will miss the rest of the season. Griffin has seen playing time in the last six games. Griffin hasn't really shown up much in the stats, but his absence hurts the depth of the defense, which has never been very deep.


Anonymous said...

Dude, what is that picture? Is that actually you? If so, you look like a homo member of Wham or something. Why would anybody take you seriously about football when you look like that? I would be embarrassed if I were an SMU fan and you were the guy blogging for my team.

SMU Football Blog said...

Ha ha ha. It is Justin Bateman Pepper Brooks, the color commentator from "Dodgeball".

And if I gave a shit whether people took me seriously, well then I might give a shit about you. But I don't, so it kind of works out.

Thanks for stopping by.