Sunday, October 02, 2005

Marshall wins 16-13. WTF?

OK, so I need to watch this game, but I did listen ot the whole thing, albeit during yard work.

This a game that leads to nothing but questions.

First, can we please have a game where I never hear the Benny Hill theme music in my head? The botched squib kick just adds to the pile of boneheaded, stupid plays. Romo should be commended for getting the ball back. Everybody else, including the coach should be ashamed.

Second, how much worse can the offense get?

Third, is the punt team the worst in the country? Someone said SMU has ahad a blocked punt in every game. Can that be true? That has to be a record.

Fourth, does this mean the QB carousel is over? I suspect it is. Noticed Romo ended up starting the first two series. But with a broken Collarbone, Eckert is done. Will Bennett rotate Phillips in with Romo? I doubt it. Will Bennett pull the redshirt on Willis? I doubt it and I hope not.

Fifth, who has quit? You cannot tell me some players haven't quit on this team. You can't nut it up and get another fieldgoal in the fourth quarter? You can't hold a team off for ten minutes? Do these guys even care about Bennett? His ass is on the line.

Sixth, what the hell happened in the 4th quarter? A ten point lead. Three drives for a negative 22 yards in 4:34 (I am discounting the knee at the end of regulation). Allowed two scoring drives of 70 and 59 yards. This isn't a Cowboys-Redskins collapse with two deep balls; these were controlled sustained drives.

Finally, when will this madness end?

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