Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have had an epiphany (or I talked to somebody, you be the judge).

What difference does all the griping make? We all know what is going to happen. Bennett is going to win two more games and keep his job. "See? Three wins. Beat a ranked team in our biggest rival TCU. Making progress."

Cavan won two games late in 2000 and saved his job. And in the end, they fired Cavan a year too late.

SMU doesn't want to fire Bennett. Hell, I don't want Bennett to be fired. SMU desperately wants to give Bennett another year for a variety of reasons, many of which I agree with. They will only let go of Bennett if the issue is absolutely forced.

And that is why, two bad wins against two bad teams will save Bennett's job. It doesn't matter how he gets there. Just that he gets to three wins.

Two bad wins against two bad teams will not make me feel any better about SMU football. Please show me something. Three wins, no matter who they are against, is not enough. Give me something to look forward to. Win three or four of these last six. Show some semblence of an effective offense. Show me a defense that plays hard for sixty minutes without collapsing in the final fifteen. Stop the Benny Hill theme music from playing in my head when I watch special teams. Show ME that you are making progress.

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