Monday, October 17, 2005

New Title

Look up at the top. The generic SMU Football Blog has been replaced and revamped with fancy graphics or somesuch.

Special thanks to "Windmill360°" for drawing it up for me. It also took him about 10 minutes. Creative people really bug me.

On to more pressing matters. Very few SMU mentions in the DMN today. Surely this isn't true: "SMU has won eight of the last nine games against Tulsa." Really?

Well, I'll be. Tulsa is our bitch. This dates back to 1996 when they started playing in the WAC. Post-DP, the record is 8-2. Of course, in only one of those years did Tulsa have a winning record, and guess what, Tulsa won that year. This year, Tulsa is 4-3 with losses to Minnisota, Oklahoma and Houston. Tulsa is playing well with a two game winning streak after losing to Houston in overtime. I don't know what the line is going to be, but expect Tulsa at home to be at least a touchdown favorite.

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