Monday, October 17, 2005

Skip Holtz

In response to a comment somebody posted, I want to be clear about the comment I made about Skip Holtz. I didn't remember exactly, so I looked it up. Skip Holtz was seriously considered. At least three Dallas Morning News articles mention Holtz as a cadidate; November 27th, November 28th and December 1st.
Here is a quote from Lou Holtz on December 1st (Bennett was hired December 4th):

I know Skip had great interest, and they had great interest.

Skip Holtz did finally withdraw his name from consideration, but by that time it was also clear he was not a finalist.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Holtz was seriously considered and I agree he was serious about pursuing. But I still understand that daddy told him to stay away.

SMU Football Blog said...
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SMU Football Blog said...

Daddy may have said to, but he didn't until it was pretty clear he wasn't getting the job. Holtz did fly down to SMU for an interview. That is a fact.

As opposed to Norm Chow who never did set foot on SMU campus.

Anonymous said...

I do not think there is an argument here. I was a backer of hiring Holtz. Did not know enough about him to back him publicly, but did like the pedigree. By the way, I am Mrydel on the Ponyfans board. Just did not feel up to the whole registration thing. Thanks

SMU Football Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know some people come by. I just don't want to concede the point that people don't want this job. An argument I feel I will have to be addressing at some point in hte future.