Monday, October 31, 2005

Rice Week

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed the offweek. Now it is on to more pressing matters.

Rice is a bad football team. There is no other way of putting it. If you go to the Rice message board, all you will see is an endless rant on the state of Rice football. I think it would be therapeutic for the those that are just convinced that SMU is going to turn the corner any day now to visit the Rice board. Why? Because there are still people over there saying the same thing that people say on

Rice has lost 13 straight games. In fact, there last victory came on October 9, 2004 against . . . SMU.

Everything about SMU says SMU should beat Rice. Period. No excuses. I know there are reasons SMU may lose, but they are bad reasons. SMU has more talent than Rice. SMU is at home. Rice is demoralized. SMU should win the ball game.

Generally, I have been pretty hands off when it comes to the coaching staff and the administration. I haven't run around demanding people be fired or calling them names. I have caught myself on more than one occasion before I went over the edge. After all, the best predictions were that SMU would win four or five and they could still get there. Indeed, before the ECU game, four or five wins seemed downright probable; I would tell myself that it didn't matter how SMU got there, just that they got there.

But now, SMU needs to beat Rice (or upset Houston or UTEP) just to match last year's record. If this team can't match last year's record, I think you are hard pressed to say progress has been made over the past twelve months. Particularly, if you take a closer look at the teams SMU has played and their schedules-it really isn't pretty.

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