Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday before Tech

Leech called his team "soft" and "complacent".

Leach apparently is fed up with numerous players sitting out preseason drills because of minor injuries and with players losing focus on the practice field.

"I'm seeing a level of softness a little bit," Leach said during his weekly news conference. "I think we have a handful of guys that are complacent, a handful of guys that feel like they worked hard in the off-season so business is taken care of. All the other teams work hard in the off-season, too, so all you are is equal to them."

From redraiders.com:
"I've heard all this talk about UTEP and TCU,'' Tech coach Mike Leach said Monday. "SMU beat both of them. I worry about the soundness and just overall play of their team.''

Leach also fired a psychological volley at his own players Monday, calling them soft. During August practices, five of the team's top six offensive linemen as well as skill-position players such as L.A. Reed, Joel Filani and Jarrett Hicks missed practices with injuries.

"Either we have some soft people or we can candy coat it and say we've had the opportunity to work some other people, or maybe there's some combination of both,'' Leach said. "I know that sometimes - not mentioning any names - my idea of being on the field and theirs are sometimes two different things.''

Jr. Wide Receiver Joel Filani followed that up with a denial:

"I don't really know where he's getting that from,'' Filani said. "You know coach Leach: He's always got something to say about something. We're going to go out there and play tough. We don't feel we're soft at all. We're going to go out there Saturday and show what we can do.''

Filani, himself, missed much of two a days.

Oh, dare to dream:
At the end of the game on the TCU radio network, the commentators mentioned that coach Gary Patterson wasn't happy with practice all week. They said after he stopped one practice a second time, Patterson said something like: "Well, you don't want to do it my way, so we'll do it your way this week. But if we don't get the results I want, we'll do it my way next week."

Anyway, last season, I tried to post pictures of coeds fro the various schools SMU played. I tried to find some women from Texas Tech. Let me just say...slim pickings.

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