Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1 Update

Today's DMN article is See you in September, SMU

The article is mainly on SMU's upcoming nonconference schedule. It is definitely worth a read, though I think the attempt is to paint the nonconference schedule as tougher than it really is, which I disagree with. Maybe, everybody is just being polite.

I am a little surprised that this was the focus after media day.

I neglected to mention this article in the Herald Democrat on SMU redshirt Freshman and starting QB Justin Willis. If you haven't read it yet, you need to. It is a great feature. Now we know Willis likes to cook. I am still uneasy about a RS freshman being the quarterback of this team. But the only other options are a junior college sophomore and Chris Phillips. I am not sure either are great options at this point. At media day, Bennett said he wanted one guy. Hopefully Willis shows enough to be the "one guy." However, I won't be surprised if we have revolving quarterbacks once again. Some people still think Phillips should get the nod for having experience. I disagree. First, Phillips saw time in eight games; in those games, SMU really played him full time in maybe three games. Second, he's never won a game. Third, who played a competitive football game more recently: Willis or Phillips? The answer is Willis; that is how long it has been since Phillips has been on the field.

The SMU Daily Campus is running out their version of media day coverage. All and all, I like their article the best. It has the best quotes, by far.

“Anything other than a bowl game is not acceptable,” senior wide receiver Reynaldo Pellerin said. “Before this year I never would have talked about a bowl game.”

The parity throughout the conference was mentioned by all of the head coaches, with Bennett saying SMU is positioned to win and be competitive in the western division.

“I think we’re a lot like Tulsa was last year.”


“Our goal is to get better at practice – not merely survive it.”

Pellerin, whose first game was in Lubbock in 2003, says the Red Raiders “are beatable like everyone else.”

“We are ready to compete with whoever we play,” said Sturdivant.

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