Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The transfers and what they means

Months ago, I noted a major change in SMU’s academic policies regarding transfer students. I discussed what this meant to athletics. I concluded that the policy changes would make it significantly easier for SMU to recruit transfers in athletics. Now comes word that SMU football has added four Division I-A transfers. The question remains whether this is evidence of the new policy at work.

The four transfers are Luke Bell, a kicker from Fallston, Maryland via Tulane; K.J. Ellis, a linebacker from Arlington Lamar via Texas Tech; Dan Garcy, a linebacker from Danville, California via Arizona; and Chase Kennemer, another linebacker from Arlington Lamar via Texas A&M.

Now, before you get excited, all four were walk-ons at their respective schools. KJ Ellis, however did have Division IA offers before settling down at Texas Tech (the status of those offers when he signed is, however, “unclear”). Chase Kennemer was considered a stud in HS and depending on what you read, had numerous offers or had an offer at A&M but paid his own way to help A&M out; there is also a report that he could have gone to Harvard. Garcy and Bell, we know less about.

There is nothing to suggest whether or not these guys could have gotten into SMU as Freshman; there is nothing to suggest whether or not these guys could have gotten into SMU before the policy changes. However, this is more I-A transfers than in the past few years combined. Also a please recall that SMU had a quarterback ready to transfer to SMU from Northwestern that backed out because of transfer hours.

Maybe this means something; may it doesn’t. However, it is the first evidence we have that SMU policies are changing. We will have to wait for the December signing period to see if anything happens as far as junior college prospects go.

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