Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blog bitterness

Man, can facial hair screw up a plan. I had a T-Shirt idea. I have the mock up at home and I will try to post it later (though, I am having problems hosting pictures on Blogger). Basically, the front was a whited-out version of Bennett's face so that all there really was in the picture was Bennett's sunglasses and the mustache. As much as anything, it looked like a caricature of Teddy Roosevelt. On the back was "Fear the 'stache!" I liked it. I thought it was funny. There aren't a lot of mustaches in the world and Bennett's was a trademark.

But then, I watched Bennett on Channel 52 last Wednesday and my world was shattered. Bennett now has a goatee. Goatee's are not funny. You can't make a shirt that says, "Fear the Goat!" That is just odd. It sounds like you are from Colorado State.

I didn't get upset at first. Bennett inferred it might be a temporary thing last week. But yesterday, the man was still sporting the goatee on media day. This is unacceptable. Now I have to think of something else.

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