Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Orsini and Bennett on the Ticket


Not a whole much new information, but talked about experience and playmakers; goal is a bowl game. Talked about Willis far more than anybody else, and again in glowing terms. Talked about the kidney stones.

80% of $13M for practice facility raised. Break ground in the fall and ready for next season.

Doherty: Doherty had questions about SMU's commitment through facilities, resources admissions. Doherty had options and he wouldn't have come to SMU unless he was convinced that he has the tools at SMU to win.

Admissions: We are never going to recruit a kid that we don't think can graduate, but we are/want to be "nationally competitive" in admissions. If the coaches believe that a kid with the support available at SMU can graduate, then we should give those coaches' the ability to get them.

We have a very successful athletics program we are 45th in the Directors' Cup, far and away the highest in C-USA. Basketball and football are not where they need to be. The goal is get those programs successful, but not just achieve success, but to sustain it.

About Bennett, "Phil told me, "SMU has been fair to me, it is time to show results."

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