Monday, August 07, 2006

Good press in the DMN, and why it upsets me

In Monday’s DMN, there is very nice feature on Justin Willis. I am not going to quote from it; you need to read the whole thing.
It is written by Gerry Fraley. Gerry Fraley is an idiot a genius.

I have mellowed in my old age and don’t loathe Fraley like I used to. There was a time when Fraley would write a column and without reading it, I knew I disagreed with nearly every word in it. Fraley is, above anything else, a coach apologist. I will never forget his column schilling for Don Nelson to get an extension in the middle of the season. Without going into detail, I will tell you the underlying premise was bogus. After every column or feature Fraley ever wrote, I posted on a message board or told somebody in an email, “Gerry Fraley is an idiot.”

So when Fraley says something I like, it kills me.

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Chris Yount said...

Sorry, but you had it right the first time. Fraley is among the biggest idiots out there. There isn't a writer I abhor more than that man.