Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kickoff Luncheon and Links

Today is the SMU Football Kickoff Luncheon. I haven't heard if it is sold out, so go if you can. I will be stuck in my office with a phone to my ear at a mediation.

Might as well tell you I am missing Saturday's open scrimmage as well. For whatever reason, my wife decided to be born on that day thirty years ago (or so).

Much has been made of yesterday's DMN practice report. Slater is improving, and is making a push for the starting job. Maybe there is truth to it, but Willis had a good scrimmage on Saturday by all accounts and I haven't heard a disparaging word about Willis in more than a year. And everything, I mean everything, I have heard says that Willis is the man.

Is Bennett pushing buttons? After using the Carrot for a year, is Bennett using the stick? Possibly.

Speaking of QB battles, both NTSCC and Arkansas State are both having their own quarterback problems. Which is odd, because I was led to believe that things like this only happen at SMU.

Nice article on the SMU defense in today's DMN.

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