Thursday, August 17, 2006

Football Luncheon roundup

Daily Campus is the only one with an article today.

The DMN only saw fit to name the 8 ("eight!") captains selected by the team. All seniors: Brandon Bonds, Bobby Chase, Johnnie Fitzgerald, Ryan Kennedy, Reynaldo Pellerin, Justin Rogers, Joe Sturdivant and Blake Warren.

In other news, SMU men's soccer is picked as the best in C-USA.

Oh, and SMU men's basketball and Matt Doherty picked up one heck of a commitment yesterday.

Finally, for the Tulane game, the plane tickets were officially bought last night; the hotel room officially booked; dinner reservations officially made. Blog and wife are ready.

[Gregg] finished his speech of anecdotes and words of wisdom with these six words, “SMU can win…SMU will win.”

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