Monday, August 28, 2006

Game Week

Wow. Less than one week before the 2006 season gets underway. That means less than one week until the rematch of my single angriest football moment ever. The Dallas Morning News has the story today.

My opinion on that day are very clear. Leech was running the score up and he knew it. I don't think Leech was comfortable beating lowly SMU by only fourteen. None of the defenses put forth hold any water.

Defense 1: Tech had the score run up on us, too! We got better! Cute, but (a) Tech complained then; (b) both games mentioned involved Tech being unable to beat second and third teamers at the end of the game. Tech had its entire starting lineup in the last minute of the game.

Defense 2: Tech had to throw because that is their offense! In that game, Tech running backs were averaging five yards per carry. Look at Tech's last offensive series against Kansas that year in a game they only won by one point. They started the series in better field position than the SMU game with less time on the clock: Four straight handoffs to the running back. The only difference is that Leech knew there was a chance he could lose if there was a turnover. Since he knew that wasn't possible in the SMU game, he felt free to try and run it up.

The only people that defend classless coaches are classless fans.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person to notice that Rhett Bomar just transferred to Sam Houston State... a I-AA school that SMU faces on September 16th?

Suddenly that game doesn't look so certain in the win column.

Of course Bomar still needs to go through a reinstatement hearing, which may or may not be done by September 16th.

SMU Football Blog said...

Bomar won't play; I will be surprised if Bomar plays at all in 2006.