Thursday, August 31, 2006

From the "Everybody hates the Dallas Morning News" Department

If you didn't know, Belo is going through budget cuts and is trimming the payroll by some 80 employees at the Dallas Morning News.

Like everything else, there is a blog for this sort of thing. The employee buyouts are across the board, including sports.

Sports coverage is a likely cut. Pro hockey and baseball won't be as emphasized as pro basketball and football. College sports coverage could be trimmed to a few schools. A lot more high school coverage could move to the web and follow the non-staff written example set by the Neighbors sections.

Hmmmm....."trimmed to a few schools." I think this is concerning, but mostly overreacting. The truth is "dedicated" coverage will probably be cut to a handful of schools. One assumes UT coverage will not decrease. I think there will always be coverage of SMU. The question is whether the SMU beat will merge with other beats? Will the OU beat merge with the Baylor beat and the Tech beat?

Despite the fact that I think the author is overstating things, if you are a fan of any school but Texas, I think you should ought to be somewhat concerned.

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Anonymous said...

Taken from, for what its worth:

91. SMU
Predicted Finish: 5-7 2005 Predicted Finish: 1-10 2005 Record: 5-6
There will be an interesting mix of fast, talented young players, a lot of inexperience, and good building blocks. Bobby Chase leads a deep and experienced receiving corps, DeMyron Martin is one of the league's best backs heading a very fast, very good backfield, and the starting five up front should be fine. However, there's no experience whatsoever at quarterback and absolutely no developed depth on the line. The offense might have been bad throughout last year, but the defense saved the day time and again keeping the team in several games. There are lots and lots of speed in the back seven, but little experience outside of safety Joe Studivant and linebacker Wilton McCray. The line will be fantastic with Adrian Haywood and Justin Rogers among the best in the conference.
Relative Strengths: running backs, defensive line
Relative Weaknesses: secondary, offensive line