Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Skip Holtz was offered SMU job?

Lou Holtz is hopping mad. In his book, Lou Holtz spends considerable time on the relationship between him, South Carolina and his son, Skip Holtz. Holtz is mad because he thought he/his son had a deal that would allow Skip to succeed him at South Carolina.

Why do we care?

"After the 2002 season, Skip was offered a lucrative head-coaching position at a fine school (SMU). He declined it after consulting with Dr. (McGee)," Lou Holtz wrote. "He was assured that he had a future at South Carolina after I left. That proved to be erroneous."

Now, either somebody needs an editor or this reporter is breaking an enormous story on SMU football. What is the story? Well, either Lou Holtz meant after the 2001 season, or SMU was going to let Bennett go after one year. Since (a) Skip Holtz was a candidate for the job in 2001; and (b) Phil Bennett is still here, I assume it is a mis-statement or a typo.

The real news is Lou is saying Skip was offered the job at SMU. I didn't want Skip to coach SMU, so I am glad he stayed. Some people love Skip Holtz. For example, there are a couple of magazines ranking ECU in the 60's or even picking them to win C-USA East, while others rank ECU dead last in Conference USA. Yes, ECU beat SMU last year, but I still don't think much of Skip Holtz.

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