Monday, October 30, 2006


It is a weird week. Technically, last week was an off week. It didn't feel like an off week because SMU plays on Tuesday.

I haven’t said much about UAB. But I did say this on Saturday:

SMU is going to beat UAB. SMU will beat UAB by double digits. Here's another [prediction]: SMU will hold UAB to fewer than 225 passing yards. And then, SMU can clinch bowl eligibility at homecoming.

I still mean it. SMU is better. With the exception of that pesky pass defense, SMU leads UAB in nearly every statistical category. UAB is not as good as last year. Yes, they barely lost to Oklahoma, but that is the best UAB is going to play all year and that is the worst Oklahoma played all year. They play that game today and Oklahoma wins by 30.

There really isn’t much more to say. According to the paper everybody is expected to play, including Martin and Muse. Some people keep suggesting Martin should not play and hope for a medical redshirt. I disagree. SMU has not been effective running the ball and Martin is SMU’s best back by far. SMU is still in the driver’s seat to accomplish its goals with three straight home games; favored against UAB and a game against Rice in which SMU will probably be favored as well. Last season, SMU outscored its next four opponents by 19 and a 3-1 record with three of those games on the road.

Indianapolis Colts owner Irsay establishes scholarship SMU. Uh, why don't we make a big deal out of this? How many schools have multiple alumni that own NFL teams? Surely, SMU is the only one with two. Shouldn't SMU hype this a little?

Apparently, teh Mustang Club is trying to start a new tradition:

Our PA announcer will also start a new tradition at this week’s game. Every time SMU makes a first down he will say “ First down SMU” and the crowd then says “MUSTANGS” and points in the direction we are going to score! Create some spirit!

You can be cynical and laugh at this, but I support it. SMU's traditions have been in decline for 20 years. It is time to put some new life in it by restarting old traditions and starting new ones.


BrianTinBigD said...

Does the 1st down thing, replace 3rd Down Thunder? Even my kids mock the 3rd down blunder bs.

Anonymous said...

I went to the ECU the whole place yell "ARRRGGGHH" like a pirate after ECU get a first down was quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is not me you to whom you refer suggesting that we try a medical hardship on Martin. I have never suggested that be done unless he is unable to play. I have only pointed out that until he plays one more play he is still eligible. I am sure you would agree that if he has a torn hamstring and if he can not play the balance of the year we should apply for one. That said, I have always said he should play if healthy and would play if healthy because Bennett needs all ammunition possible to save his job. It sounds as though he will play this Tuesday and that can put all of this to rest.

Mark Rydel

SMU Football Blog said...

Mark, it isn't just you, it is others and your clarifying remarks are appreciated. I look at it thusly: Is Martin the best back on Tuesday night? If so, he needs to play. It isn't about job saving, it is about winning (though the two are obviously related). I think some people need to be broken of the habit of giving up on the season six to eight weeks in.