Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We are their **bleapin'** homecoming

It was just brought to my attention that SMU is ECU's homecoming game. I am little tired of the "SMU is everbody's homecoming opponent." Time to teach these schools a lesson.


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt worry about it to much . we ( ecu ) have lost like our last 3 or four homecomings . With all of our injuries , and there are alot of them , alot of our are starters are out including 3 starting recivers ( hopefully our star reciver is able to play ).The defense is banged up but they are playing fairly well . you guys have a good chance at beating us . You guys are a much better team then you were last year , you proved it by beating marshall , who almost had a big upset the week before . i will be at the game and will be happy to see your fans there and hope we can treat your team and fans with respect.

Anonymous said...

We played UAB for thier homecoming game last year. Do you think they remember that game.