Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mike Price on SMU

Much has been made about Price’s comments on SMU’s media guide that are (a) off-base; and (b) perhaps the ramblings of an alcoholic with a stripper addiction. But I would also like to point out these comments from the same press conference:
“We are embarrassed by what we did last year. There’s no question about that. This is not a revenge game or anything else. We have not, and will not, express that to any team member. There’s no revenge. They beat us solid. We gave them the ball seven times and played very poorly and embarrassed ourselves with our play. Right now they’re strong. They’ve scored 100 points the last two games. They have a freshman quarterback who was 16 for 18 passing in one game. They have a great running back who played last year. I don’t know if he’s back for our game or not. So they kind of have a running back by committee. Their offensive line is big, solid, real good. Their defensive line is solid. They beat us to the punch and outplayed us last year, no question about it. Justin Rogers went on the Mike Price diet when he got to college, and put on 40 pounds like I did when I came here. Another tremendous defensive lineman just ate us up and we made him look like an All-American last year. It’s going to be a competitive game.

"The last three games, SMU has been in control. Their confidence level is very, very high. Their quarterback is a freshman. I think we can disct him with the 12th man. Wouldn’t it be great to have three sellouts in a row. Why can’t we? We can do it. Our football team can do it, our fans can do it. For the third time I’m asking, let’s pack this stadium. Wasn’t it fun? Pack the stadium. Stay to the end. Hear Chris Marrow sing the song Shout. Sing it with him. Have fun. Bring your guests, bring your families. It’s really going to be important for this quarterback, who is a freshman, who has never been in a situation like this in his entire life. Let’s fill it up."

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