Thursday, October 05, 2006

UTEP Scouting

OK. I looked. I got nothing. When all else fails, I go to the IMDB and try to find talented alumni. I got bubkis. The best I could come up with is Jessica Drake, who apparently did take some classes at UTEP before being discovered in an El Paso strip club. No word on whether Mike Price was involved in that scouting trip.

I did find photos of Ms. Drake on the internet, but I am choosing not to post them and I don't recommend you go a hunting for them at work, if you know what I mean. Among her film credits are: "Hi Infidelity," "Trailer Trash Nurses 2" and "Toe Story."

Don't worry, next week will be better. I promise.


Anonymous said...

The Movie "Glory Road" dramatizes Texas Western's road to winning a NCAA Basketball Championship.

Texas Western later became UTEP.

Anonymous said...

According to some of the web sites I googled, good ol' Jessica was reared (in more ways than one I am sure) in Dallas. Where were the admissions reps when they were needed? Darn academic requirements. I am sure she would have been very popular on fraternity row.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not a hot chick but Sam Donaldson went to UTEP.