Friday, October 06, 2006

Willis suspended

So some schlub over at posts:

I don't want to start any rumors, but it deals with our starting quarterback and our receiver, lets hope nothing bad comes out of this...

Some immediately cried “BS” but something didn’t sit well with me. For once, my gut was right. Willis has been suspended indefinitely for a “violation of team rules.”

The news elicited a groan from me. My wife came running into our study and she read over my shoulder. She really knows nothing about football and generally could care less. Even she understood the gravity of this.

On a side note, I used to watch a lot of reality TV. I got really caught up in it. When somebody would get “voted off” or “fired,” it always hit me the same way. Like a shotgun blast to the chest in some gangster movie. The victim looks up and falls back in his chair. That is what it felt like to me, and that is what it felt like to read that Willis was suspended. I feel physically ill.

They aren’t saying what the violation is, but I hope to know something soon. How long is the suspension? One hopes “indefinitely” means until SMU “definitely” needs him.

My mind flashes back to November 1997 when 6-4 SMU went to face winless TCU in the last game of the year. Only to learn shortly before the game that starting running back Donte Womack was suspended for the game. One can debate whether a victory would have gotten SMU a bowl invite (it wouldn’t), but that game was important. Yes, discipline is important, too. But, man. How does it come to this? It better be a serious violation as opposed to “I am going to show what a hard-@$$ I can be.” I am at a loss for words. More accurately, I am crestfallen (see what an SMU education gets you?).

Could this come at a worse time? On Friday frackin’ afternoon? Slater has shown me nothing in his limited appearances. The thought of him starting with little preparation brings no comfort. Maybe he will surprise me, but if I could get to Vegas ahead of this news, I am throwing money at UTEP.

I am going to go throw up now. See ya tomorrow.

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