Friday, October 13, 2006

OK, yes, I do have more to say

I mentioned this to someone in the athletic department. If you ask me, SMU dodged a bullet. The "hate crime" story never got picked up outside of Dallas, rarely was mentioned on D/FW radio, never made the Star-Telegram. The wire report got picked up initially in some online editions, including, but generally, nobody noticed.

I say this because, in my experience, there are a number of sports people out there that look for reasons to move beyond sports and to bring other issues into sports. I really feared that this was going to be a biger story than it was.

The college wires today run the following:

...SMU reinstated quarterback Justin Willis a week after the redshirt freshman was suspended for fighting at an off-campus party. . . .

If you have been reading this blog this week, this is essentially what I have been saying throughout this mess. Two SMU students got into a fight at an off-campus party. No one was badly hurt. No charges have been filed. One student happened to be a football player.

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