Thursday, October 19, 2006

No bowl talk, yet

Today's DMN has a good article on SMU's bowl chances.
"That word is illegal," linebacker Reggie Carrington said. "Well, it's not illegal. That's definitely where we want to go."

Basically, is solidifies what many already suspect. Seven wins or more and there is a good chance SMU goes to a bowl game. Six and it is still a possibility. It is nice to hear the thoughts of bowl representatives. However, despite the words of Tom Starr, executive director of the Bell Helicopter Bowl, I have my doubts that SMU will get consideration for the Fort Worth Bowl.

DeMyron is De-out, according to the paper today. Personally, I wonder how a player can go from "he could have played" to out the next week, but c'est la vie. Part of me wonders if (or hopes) this isn't true. Injury reports don't have the same meaning in college football as they do the NFL.

In ECU news, Skip Holtzes hasn't decided who will kick for ECU. Their current kicker, Robert Lee (I wonder what his middle initial is?), is 6-11 on the year on field goals. In other ECU special teams news, injured WR Bobby Good also returned punts; ECU hasn't decided on a replacement, but my guess is Corner Travis Williams as he had the job before Good.

One other note, Bennett is quoted in an article on I-A transfers to Conference USA schools. Some might find this ironic considering SMU has historically had few such transfers.

"There are some guys who go off and make a decision about where they're going to attend school based on a 48-hour visit without remembering that they're going to be there for 48 months," Kragthorpe said. "They sometimes wind up having second thoughts.

"When we recruit someone, if they choose to go somewhere else, we always tell them, 'Hey, if it doesn't work out, you're always welcome back at Tulsa.' "

That is the same open-door approach Phil Bennett has taken while rebuilding the SMU program.

"We recruit against a lot of the mid-level Big 12 and Pac-10 teams, and I think that No. 1, they find out that being that far away from home isn't as glamorous as it seems," said Bennett, who has welcomed transfers like sophomore linebacker Chase Kennemer (Texas A&M) and sophomore defensive back K.J. Ellis (Texas Tech). "And then also the opportunity to play. They don't have as many stars in their eyes when they come back and ask you about transferring."

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