Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today's forecast: Light Blogging

We went from one name to four names to two names in 48 hours. I don't expect much to happen today. As far as I have been told, the full committee has not interviewed anyone and no one is interviewing today.

If there will be any news today, it is likely to come from the UNI press conference today to announce their new basketball coach, but I consider that unlikely.

About that press conference, it says a lot about Hartzell. He recognized he hired a real good basketball coach in McDermott three years ago and that the coach would be in demand and eventually leave. According to one article, he started working on a succession plan two years ago. And once McDermott left, Hartzell executed his plan without hesitation. Based on a radio interview yesterday, Hartzell has a lot of fight in him.

I spent a little time surfing the forums of the four schools where the names came from. The opinions of the news ran the gamut. At Tulane, there was widespread panic, followed by relief. At Wyoming, there was righteous indignation and namecalling. At Navy, there is very little discussion, but they want Gladchuk to stay. At UNI, well, they have apparently never heard of Google News in Iowa because noone knows a thing about it. They love Hartzell over there. I was going to post something over there, but thought better of it (shhhhh!).

So, don't expect much today. Of course, I could be wrong.

Update: Well, someone in Iowa finally found out that there is a state called Texas and school called SMU. Still, odd that it took this long. And you can't convince me the press at that press conference didn't know about the Morning News article.

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