Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Move fast Committee Move fast!

Imagine Craig Swann's "Block up front, Men! Block up front!" Now, replace it with "Move fast, Committee! Move fast!"

Look, as soon as names got out there, pressure started getting put on those people to make a decision. That pressure builds over time. The pressure is really going to be on Hartzell. Northern Iowa's basketball coach Greg McDermott is going to be named the coach at Iowa State within days. The pressure is going to be on Hartzell to do something, and saying he wants to put it off a few weeks while he waits and see if he gets the SMU job will not be an acceptable response. Fortunately, speculation is that UNI will name an assistant to replace McDermott.

Get Gladchuk and Hartzell on campus and in front of the committee pronto.

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