Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Colorado State Athletic Director Search

Since there is so little information out there on the SMU AD search, I am spending some time looking at teh otehr AD openings out there. Colorado State's Athletic Director resigned on February 9th. Mark Driscoll had only had the job since 2003. Like the SMU search, there is very little information being made public. THe only article on the search says that, like SMU, a search firm was hired. According to one report, there have been over thirty applicants, some AD's at other schools, some assistant AD's at other institutions, some outside athletic departments and non-athletic backgrounds and at least one internal candidate. Noone has been interviewed for the CSU job. I have no idea how many applicants there are for the SMU job, but I would expect something similar.

The only other AD opening is the one at Bowling Green. That job has been open about a week as their AD left for the University of New Mexico. It looks like that may be filled internally.

On a side note, Wichita State upset Tennessee. As for why that interests me, see below.

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