Thursday, March 02, 2006

Does Gregg Doyel know something we don't?

Greg Doyell of CBS Sportsline has a College Basketball Rumor Column out. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere.
5. Trouble in Texas: Two of the state's worst programs, SMU and TCU, are thinking of firing their coaches. Jimmy Tubbs has been at SMU for just two seasons, but SMU soon will have a new athletics director, and SMU basketball is worse now than it was under Mike Dement -- and Dement was fired in 2004. At TCU, fourth-year coach Neil Dougherty has run the Horned Frogs into the ground at 5-23. Both schools have apathy and economic issues. Football controls their budgets, but neither football program makes enough money to buy out one basketball coach and hire another. And the basketball boosters at both schools just don't care anymore.

Wow. It is like he is challenging SMU and TCU to fire their coaches. "Your basketball coaches stink, but I know you won't do anything about it! I double-dog dare you to!"

Interesting to note that Doyel doesn't mention the investigation into violations of NCAA rules in the basketball program.

Anyway, I seriously doubt SMU fires the basketball coach without an AD in place. And I seriously doubt SMU has its shit together to hire an AD in the next week, assuming SMU is one and done in the C-USA basketball tournament on March 8th or 9th. Is it possible? Sure. But I doubt it.

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