Thursday, March 23, 2006

AD Committee Meets; Orsini will be the Man

Steve Orsini

DMN Article.

Sigh. My quest for validation from the SMU message board geeks ends in failure. I really hoped to at least have the name up before it became clear. The best I can do are e-mails asking about Orsini. Well, at least my mom thinks I am cool. My wife and kids, on the other hand, think I am a dork.

And, unfortunately, I will never get to pimp Orsini before the deal is done the way I did with Hartzell and Gladchuk. Orsini is, of course, a solid choice.

More later.

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Anonymous said...

A Knightfan here, its not all roses with Orsini.

Ask yourself why a guy is leaving when our on-campus stadium is in its final pre-construction stage.

Ask yourself why after three consecutive 20 win seasons basketball attendance has not improved.

Why UCF Athletics has lost money every year that Orsini has been AD.

Why UCF went without a functional ticket office for over two years.

Ask one of UCF's non-revenue sports about their budgets--clue, they're budgets have all decreased under Orsini.

Examine the opportunity cost of our contract with ISP Sports.

Good Luck, they're are only so many George O'Leary's and Mike Prices out there.