Thursday, March 02, 2006

TCU Needs an Opponent

I can't believe this, but it is true. TCU has only eleven games scheduled for 2006. Obviously, they are trying frantically to schedule a twelfth game as they have only five home dates. Guys, it is March; it is getting a little late in the game to find a prom date. They apparently had a deal with Grambling but it fell through.

Let me start by saying, I would love to have TCU's problems, but this is a real problem for them. How many I-A teams have open dates right now? Probably one or two others, tops. Seriously doubt any are BCS schools. So any chance of ratcheting up the strength of schedule are gone. With the rule changes, can they make a run at the BCS? Sure, but if it is close, they have a problem. Again, nice problem to have.

For an organization that has lately been run as well as TCU has, I am kind of surprised it got to this point. They are going to be stuck with the South Dakota State's of the world.

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