Thursday, April 20, 2006

Search to Stretch Into Next Week

According to the DMN, the search to replace Jimmy Tubbs will stretch into next week.

Again, playing smart PR guy, there is a Stars playoff game Saturday; Mavericks playoff game Sunday; Stars playoff game Monday; Mavericks and Stars playoff games Wednesday; Stars playoff game Friday; Mavericks playoff game Saturday. Given NHL ratings of late, you could do something Monday or Tuesday. I would avoid Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are the best bets.

There have been 50 division I openings this year. There are nine openings left, of which SMU is one. UNC-Wilmington, Virginia Commonwealth were filled today. Of the nine left, I would rank the jobs (1) NC State; (2) Manhattan; (3) SMU; (4) Penn; (5) everybody else. You could make an argument that SMU is equal to Manhattan given the salaries paid to their former coaches but Manhattan has been to the NCAA tournament twice in three years so I give them the edge. Fortunately for SMU, there isn’t a lot of overlap among candidates. The exception is there is some rumbling that Matt Doherty is a candidate for both Manhattan and NC State.

I think there is an unknown candidate. I just can’t figure out who it is.

Edit: Something I just realized. Notice nobody has taken their name out of the running yet?

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