Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quentin Ross and Stuff

Hey, Q. The guy shouting at Dunleavy to put you in will be me. Just like the last game at the AAC.

For whatever reason, I keep getting tickets to Clippers games. Maybe because they historically stink. As a longtime Mavs fan, I never turn down tickets. Correction: I never turn down good tickets. Therefore, I have seen every single game in Dallas of SMU alum Quentin Ross's pro career. In fact, this is my third Clippers game of the season thanks to a business trip to LA. I lived in Houston or had a 2200 annual billing requirement for my lawyer job much of Ross's SMU days, so this game just might mean I have seen more of Ross's games as a Clipper than as a Mustang.

Anyway, if SMU got a basketball coach today, I would not be shocked; decision today, press tomorrow. Last time I got into predicting the "when" of an SMU decision, I failed miserably, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I mistakenly made the mistake of assuming that SMU would take the news cycle into account and not make an announcement on a Friday.

With the AD hire, right before the Orsini announcement, I got a lot of hits from Orlando, Florida, including the UCF domain name. For what it is worth, I got a few more from southern Florida today. But that may stem from the Doherty interview finally making the paper down there today.

Bob Sturm mentioned this blog on his blog (link on the sidebar, btw). Thanks, Bob. Check's in the mail.

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