Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Wednesday

Here was my day yesterday:

Free Mavericks tickets.

I got four free tickets to a Frisco Roughriders game.

Before the Mavs game, meet at a bar to consolidate cars. Free beer.

Free dinner

Get to the game and get a free hat from

Free food and drinks at game

End of first quarter, get a free American Airlines ticket, which I will gladly sell to you btw. You have to go to San Antonio, Austin, Kansas City or St. Louis.

Sat through the whole game. It was the worst professional basketball game I have ever attended. As an aside, Pavel Podkolzine Puts the “P” in Project. Q Ross only played in the second quarter. What is up with that?

Walking out, went through one of the bars at the AAC. Saw two good looking chicks making out.

Free taco from Taco Bueno.

Good times.

Oh, you came here to read about SMU? SMU interviewed (finally) Rob Evans on Tuesday. I find it odd that the news came out Wednesday afternoon but no matter. We always knew that Evans was a candidate. It is also reported that Perry Clark was contacted. Clark was the head coach at Tulane and then Miami, before being let go in favor of Frank Haith.

We should also consider the possibility that there is an unknown candidate out there. Who that would be is a very good question.

I did hear from some people that the news may come down today. The committee, like with the Orsini hire, has not met and has not interviewed anybody. Two years ago, the committee met with two candidates. I don’t expect that to be the case here. Turner, Orsini and Copeland will pick a guy and present him to the committee. Committee talks with the guy for an hour and votes to approve.

I hope the decision is made today. I don’t suggest that SMU should rush a decisions based solely on public relations, but if there is no announcement today, the announcement will get drowned out by other sports happenings. Starting Saturday, there is potentially a Stars or Mavericks playoff game every day for the next two months. Next week is the NFL draft. Where do you think the SMU coaching hire ranks as a local sports story among Mavs playoff games, Stars playoff games, Rangers games and Cowboys draft news?

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