Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Calvin Watkins goes off the Deep End

Watkins chimed in on SportSay and revealed that at some point while covering boxing, he took a blow to the head.

I also enjoyed seeing The Bus today. Bettis was funny and insightful during the SMU Athletic Forum luncheon.

Good to see some of my SMU people smiling. During the luncheon, some people were asking me who SMU should hire as the new men’s basketball coach.

There are many candidates to choose from. One interesting name is Robert Hughes, the retired Fort Worth Dunbar coach. Hughes would get Moody Coliseum rockin' with his pressure defense and structured offense.

But seriously, I think SMU is looking at several recognizable coaches. Getting a head coach with a "name" seems to be the path president Gerald Turner is headed.

Robert Hughes? The guy is seventy-seven years old! I mean, sure, he is a legend in the game, but he is seventy-seven! Put aside that he has never coached in college. He is seventy-seven! And retired.

If you ask me, Watkins was giving an opinion that was the equivalent of not giving an opinion. Watkins could have just as easily said Phil Jackson, but the SMU'ers would have known who that was, known he wasn't serious and made him say another name. Mention Robert Hughes and the SMU crowd just stares at you in silence.


Anonymous said...

Is Hoop Fan named Calvin Watkins?

Anonymous said...

I think Calvin was joking, or at least that's the way I read it.

Anonymous said...

Hence the "But Seriously," line right after......