Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday stuff

Does USC Quarterback Matt Leinart really need a bodyguard?

QB Decision today. Does anybody doubt it is Eckert? Barring injury, I think Eckert gets 11 starts. Of course, if I am wrong, I look like an idiot.

Hey, the offense looks better this year!!! I think we would all expect it to be. Nearly every starter is back. Second year of a new offense. Second year for the two quarterbacks. Improved size on the line. Improved talent at the skill positions. If there is hope for the season, this is it.

And yet another note that a player is pushing for a starting job. This time, it is the lead singer of Submerge, Charlie Berry, who is battling Adrian Haywood for the starting nose tackle spot. I don't know what to think of this, really. We just found out Haywood was starting a month ago.

Is this a must win game for SMU? I was asked this question yesterday. "There are no must win games." Yup. "They all are must win games." Yup. And this game is a must win game for SMU and Coach Bennett. This is the best chance for a win in September since Navy in 2002 (which was an unmitigated disaster).

Win this game and TCU looks winnable; Tulane looks winnable. All the other games mentioned in my best case scenario look winnable. This team will have some amount of confidence as opposed to getting drubbed by the usual teams that have filled out our nonconference schedule the past few years. That confidence translates into a better team in conference play. I really believe this.

Lose this game, and like many have said, you are staring 0-6 in the face. Though I do think it is a fair question to ask what kind of Tulane team comes into Ford Stadium (if at all) at the end of September. I think recruiting is shot if this happens. I think the needle on the meter for my "worst case scenario" begins to move from plausible to probable.

That being said, I love the fact that in the Spring there were several Baylor players quoted to the effect that this was a guaranteed win for Baylor and they were going to start out 2-0. I think that is great. The only thing I love more are the SMU players quoted a week ago as saying Baylor is the most important game of the year. I think that mindset benefits SMU.

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