Friday, September 30, 2005

QB and other Deck Chair Shuffling

It is easy to blame SMU policies for everything that is wrong with SMU football. But it isn't entirely accurate either.

Here is a brief timeline of this week's QB comments from the head coach Phil Bennett:

9/24-Jerad Romo starts against A&M, plays most of the game.

9/26-Quarterback change possible at SMU

9/29-Bennett: SMU QB status has changed again (Romo to start)

9/30-QB Eckert, WR Lowery, OL Urbanus start for SMU

If you lost track that is Romo-Eckert-Romo-Eckert, three QB changes in the span of seven days. Don't forget that Eckert started the season.

In other news, Bobby Chase, SMU's leading receiver, made empassioned quotes that get picked up by a West Virginia newspaper. And then it is announced that Bobby Chase, SMU's leading receiver, has been benched. I will remind everyone that Chase led the team in receiving yards and was the offensive MVP last season. He is the second highest offensive scorer for SMU this year. But he gets benched in favor of Devin Lowry. Must be something in practice, becuase against Tulane, Lowry had two catches for 37 yards (18.5 avg.) and Chase had three catches for 77 yards (29.0 avg.).

Oh, and three-star recruit Avery Cleveland left the team after four games this season. Fantastic. Guy probably would have started next year.

Marshall is favored by 11.5. Expect them to cover. In losses, this year, SMU loses by an average of 28 points. Last year, it was 33 points. I guess that is an improvement. Even including the double digit TCU win, SMU averages 18.25 fewer points than its opponent.

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