Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Required Reading

Tim Cowlishaw chimes in all things SMU football today. Finally, someone suggests Copeland may not be the man for the job. If you read the article, Cowlishaw lays the foundation, dismisses the myths and asks the question. The foundation- SMU has been losing for 17 years and four head coaches. The myth debunked -it is all the death penalty's fault. The question-Why? And How?

I hope the decision makers read the article and take it this way. Why is SMU not any good? Who is responsible? How does this get fixed?

Where Cowlishaw is wrong, however, is he won't call for Copeland's head this year. You cannot suggest (and he does at least hint) that Bennett should be fired if he doesn't get to four wins and then say Copeland should stay on. Copeland has to go before a new coach is hired. Has to. Has to. No one will have any faith in any coach hired by Copeland at this point. At least Cowlishaw points that out.

As they say, "Read the whole thing."

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