Friday, September 09, 2005

Prediction and Dealing with the Negativity

Saturday night will be an unmitigated disaster. TCU will cover the spread. TCU, who couldn't gain 70 yards rushing, will run for at least 150 and another 250 yards in the air.

I'll be there. I am bringing a friend who has never been to a SMU game before. I doubt we make a good first impression.

I have real reservations about how this is going to look on "national TV." If SMU fans wear red, they will blend into the seats. The TCU fans (and there will be a lot of them) will wear white and purple and stand out. This may look really bad.

As I said before, "My least favorite memory of Ford Stadium was sitting in the rain against TCU in 2000. TCU had already accepted its bowl bid; there was nobody from SMU there; Coach Fran was auditioning for Alabama; for the TCU fans that greatly outnumbered the SMU fans, it was one big party. Saturday, with the possible exception of the rain, is going to be a repeat performance."

Of course, as I said on the message board, "If we beat TCU, a lot of us are going to look like real assholes."

Now, regarding my negativity, I call them like I see them. I'd be positive if I could. If there was something I could post on this blog that would inspire the team or the fans or get SMU a recruit, I would do it. Gladly. Watch me.

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JudgeChamber said...

Feel better now?

SMU Football Blog said...

Much. Thanks. You must be feeling pretty good knowing you beat a team that beat a team that beat OU. I won't mention the Samford win. You should be embarassed you let them score.

JudgeChamber said...

We definitely have things to improve on, but we kept them alive with 100 yards worth of penalties, most of them on those two scoring drives (roughing the passer, hitting out of bounds, facemasks). Stupid stuff. We've got three weeks to sort that crap out before it's gonna kill us.