Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, that sucked

Well, that sucked

Since it is now Tuesday, rather than discuss the game in detail anymore, I am just going to get some pressing things out of the way.

First of all, thanks to Brad Sutton for helping BrianTinBigD get his Pop Warner football team into the game. That was great.

Second, nice crowd. Announced attendance of 20,350. The boulevard rocked. Dare to dream that SMU can pull that off every week.

I have to say that going for it on 4th down was the right call in my opinion. Wrong play. A sweep? Discussed it with people ahead of time. I wanted to go for it; we talked about the play to call. There was some debate on what to call but we all agreed on what not to call. Don’t run a sweep. Did you not think Houston could score touchdowns? SMU needed touchdowns.

That play didn’t lose the game. What lost the game was Willis holding the ball like a loaf of bread; Kolb escaping the endzone on 3rd down and forever and getting the first; and losing Haywood.

Good job on pass defense. 12 yards in first half and a fumble. Losing Haywood killed the run defense so running was easy and no doubt contributed to the poor passing numbers.

SMU cannot run the ball.

Did you feel like SMU left it all on the field? No. Move the ball down the field. Was their creative playcalling? No. Did they throw downfield? Very disappointed.

Where was the killer instinct? Uberconservative playcalling until the game was tied.

It is amazing to me that SMU can’t get a break or any help from the rest of C-USA. Nobody is losing. Not ECU, not Rice, not UTEP, not Southern Mississippi.

Pick yourself up and get ready for Tulsa.

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smu96 said...

I agree. The outcome sucked. We had them and then gave it away.

The tailgate was great, and seeing some faces not often seen was nice. I'm sorry if you think us 96ers are a-holes :-)

Beat Tulsa!!!