Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Still waiting

Bennett's future at SMU still up in air

Bennett and Orsini met Sunday night. They met again late on Monday. There is a team meeting this afternoon, at which, I as, all will be revealed. Will it be the Orsini-Bennett plan or the Orsini-non-Bennett plan? Will there be wholesale changes? Will there be tweaking to the staff? Time will tell.

I am mildly irritated this has dragged out until Tuesday. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. One would assume some thought was given to the current situation ahead of time. If not, then it should have been.

If I hear something I trust, I will let you know here. You can bet I won't run with anything unless I am confident.If you want my advice, ignore everything you hear until this afternoon. The chatter isn't worth listening to. The only things to get out of it are vitriolic diatribes on why Bennett must go or nonsensical, poorly reasoned and poorly supported reasons why Bennett absolutely must stay.


Anonymous said...

I have no clue as to whether Orsini will keep the coach. However, the timing of this thing looks to me like they are negotiating his departure. One Sunday evening, all day Monday with an announcement in the early afternoon. Looks like a firing to me. My guess is that Sunday Orsini gave him the gate, and Monday was about settling up his contract. With a couple of years to go, my guess is they give him 45% of the remaining amount.

Anonymous said...

Daily Campus is reporting a players only meeting this afternoon. Orsini no doubt will explain his reasons for giving Bennett the ax. This will be done right before his press conference. This is deja vu, a la that bum that preceded Bennett, who I think we all agree is a very good man who is just not the right fit for SMU at this time.

Anonymous said...

The Facts:

Arguably one of the easiest 6 game home schedules in the history of D1-A.

Road trip to Denton to face a North Texas team whose only victories this year are against us, a winless Florida Int'l team and LA Lafayette.

Legitimate questions concerning game-day coaching throughout his years here.

Losing his recruiting mojo years ago.

Matt Doherty hiring and his early success.

My Opinion:

It all adds up to a coaching change. I for one am happy.