Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hi, kids. What did we learn today? (updated)

This is the SMU football blog. While I could have called it the SMU sports blog, I didn't want to listen to complaints that I did not mention the women's rowing team (yes, JT, I know that is redundant). I choose to write about non-football sports at the time and place of my choosing.

So, today's lead is....


Yeah, it was suggested that I not swear on here anymore, but I don't know how else to put it. I think you should be impressed with a 2-1 record in Florida State's home tournament and the fact that SMU nearly pulled off the upset against Florida State. Yeah, they didn't win, but I wasn't holding out much hope for this season of SMU men's hoops. Last year, SMU's RPI after the season was over was 269 and SMU lost its best player. Add to that a near complete lack of depth and, well, the fact that last year they didn't look very good individually. I was hoping SMU would flirt with .500. Now, I actually have have a mind to suggest this team is going to be pretty good.

Wow. That is some endorsement.

Well, considering I audibly groaned and felt ill when I learned the last guy was hired, that is high praise.

Update: Here is the Dallas Morning News' version.

Palm Beach Post

Tallahassee Democrat

Orlando Sentinel

Jacksonville Times-Union

Texoma Herald-Democrat(?)

The reason I posted these articles is that everybody walked away impressed with SMU.

Also, this very important announcement: SMU Men's Soccer plays an NCAA Tournament game Wednesday night at SMU.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that Doherty has found some talent on the bench. Jon Killen and Ike Ofoegbu look like they can really play. Last year they were mainly reserves that hardley played at all.