Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

So, I watched the Phil Bennett press conference last night. Bennett is increasingly defensive. He got in an argument with Watkins. He was dismissive when asked about Rice, maybe Watkins again as Watkins reported some stats on increasing offensive production by various teams from last season, including Rice. It is not entirely clear who will start at quarterback on Saturday; it is not entirely clear who will start at running back.

Bennett made a point of saying that if you go strictly by personnel, SMU should have won the game. He wouldn’t call the game an embarrassment because that would be a disservice to UNT. They just “wanted it more.”

The indecision as to who will start at quarterback is troubling to me. Bottom line: this is Sam Houston State. IMO, if Willis was the starter against UNT and Texas Tech, he needs to start against Sam Houston. He needs to play and play well. This is as close to a layup as SMU is going to get.

For any respectable team, there wouldn’t be much game planning at all for a I-AA team, and that is why some scores against I-AA teams are closer than they should be. If SMU had beaten UNT, a close game to Sam Houston State would have been acceptable. SMU needs to pummel SHSU if it wants to prove anything, though at this point, even a blowout will not prove much.

I am going to warn you. If SMU does not demolish Sam Houston State, panic will continue to set in. Tulsa plays UNT at home on Saturday. Tulsa is going to pummel UNT.

I can’t link to it, but I am told SMU is back on ESPN’s Bottom 10. This is not surprising. SMU lost to a team on the Bottom 10 and hasn’t won a game.

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