Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SMU's Schedule and My Schedule

SMU travels to UNT this week. Also, Orsini made more staff changes. To give you an idea why, read the stats in this article. The numbers are not good. None of them.

Former UNT coach Matt Simon once said he would play SMU anytime and anywhere, including a Safeway parking lot. UNT has wanted to play SMU for years and years. So why the heck are they not traveling to Ford in 2006?

Now, why did I discuss both of these in the same post? It is simple. The idea that SMU travels to UNT this week is ridiculous. It is moronic scheduling by a athletic department that was, obviously, in complete disaray. If you ask me, more scheduling changes will need to be made in the future.

I hate to see anybody let go. But anybody that suggests that major changes were not necessary at SMU was fooling themself.

Now for my schedule: On Thursday, I hop on a plane to Las Vegas. I am seriously considering staying blind as to the UNT result until I can listen to the radio broadcast on the archives. Since we are talking about Vegas, the odds of me blogging from Thursday to Sunday: 10 to 1; over/under total posts during that time: 2.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain why traveling to UNT is a bad idea?

I am assuming they agreed to a home and home deal. If so, isn't it good that were facing them on the road during a year they aren't very good, and then possibly seeing them at Ford stadium during a year they are good (better)?

SMU Football Blog said...

Well, SMU had no idea how good or bad they would be when we scheduled them so how good or bad they are this year is irrelevant. The fact is, if they wanted to play SMU as bad as the have always appeared to, they should be coming to SMU first. PERIOD. Actually, if it were me, I would have insisted on a tow for one.