Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Taken from my sister-in-law, the kindergarten teacher:


Take a breath

If you penciled in a win against Texas Tech, you are an idiot. The fact is SMU lost to a top 25 team on the road. And probably an underrated top 25 team at that. Are we all gamblers? Are we mad SMU didn't cover the thread? Is that what this is about?

We are one week into the season. It is too early to make judgments about any team. It is certainly too early to make judgments about this team. Stop looking around the league and pointing. Yes, Arkansas State beat an Army team at home that was missing two fifth-year senior starting offensive linemen (btw, they tore down the goalposts for beating Army). Yes, three I-AA teams beat I-A teams, which for the record happens every year; it is the fact that it happened to a Colorado team that everyone agrees cratered last year that has people panicked. Stop worrying about UAB, which almost pulled the upset over Oklahoma. Stop looking at Rice with a panicked look on your face because they solid offense at home for fifteen minutes against a team SMU beat; maybe it says as much about Houston as it does Rice.

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