Monday, September 25, 2006

Thomas Morstead gets jobbed by Conference USA

OK, so this week's Conference USA players of the week are out. Hard to fault the choices of Kolb and Moton Hopkins for Offense and Defense respectively, but the Houston punter for Special Teams player of the week? Punter Justin Laird had two punts for 92 yards, which is an average of 46 yards for those of you without a calculator.

Morstead had two punts (and isn't the fact that SMU only punted twice getting lost in the shuffle?) for 93 yards, which is a 46.5 yard average. I am not going to quibble over one yard. But when you include the fact that Morstead was also 5-5 on extra points and 2-2 on fieldgoals, including a 51 yarder, it is no contest.

Edit: Laird's longest of the night was 48; Morstead's longest was 51. Oh, and the AP box score says Laird had only 88 yards, not 93. But that doesn't matter, because Laird just punts, unlike Morstead who does it all.

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