Friday, September 15, 2006

Reversal of Fortune

Sure, I admit it. I am a grown man with a job and two kids and I read the SMU Daily Campus. My personal life aside, it is fascinating when you consider the level of optimism for the SMU program two weeks ago to today. Case in point:

Party foul at Ford Stadium

The Genghis Grill Pigskin Preview was less than impressive to say the least.

With no more than 50 people in the stands, the band, pom squad, cheerleaders and senior football players outnumbered the audience.

The food provided by Genghis Grill was enjoyed by more than those who attended the kickoff, though.

Many came at 5:30 p.m. for the food, but left well before the festivities got underway.

Senior quarterback Duke Hasson emceed the event and the band opened up the night.

Then came the pom squad, who did a routine that would have been more impressive if there had been people to enjoy the performance.

The player speeches were short and to the point.

Justin Rogers started and let the few fans present know that "if ya'll stick with us we're gunna turn this around," and Brandon Bonds reiterated the same message.

The thing truly missing from the event was Coach Phil Bennett, who was on the schedule to speak.

There was no explanation given at the event for his absence.


Anonymous said...

Are you okay?

I've been waiting eagerly to find out if I should get excited about Justin's five TD and one rushing TD in the last game? Or was all that just a product of the poor competition?

Anonymous said...

It is Thursday and the Blogger is slacking after an SMU victory. I would have settled for the previous written but unreleased article screaming for pain and suffering.